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Elin Nordegren Woods is fixing up a house on a newly purchased property in her native Sweden. Could she be planning to rebuild her life there, post-Tiger?

The golfer’s estranged wife bought the private $2 million home late last year, and it was in need of some major TLC, which Elin is definitely putting into it.

Photos reveal that a major renovation is underway on the property, and builders are trying to get everything done by this summer, according to sources.

Tiger Woods, who just returned to competitive golf at last week’s Masters, with Elin nowhere to be found, is scheduled to play the U.S. Open in late June.

Do they get U.S. cable in Sweden?

Will Elin Woods leave Tiger for good?

While it appeared as if a full reconciliation was likely, if not a done deal, in spite of allllllll the cocktail waitresses Tiger tapped, things have cooled in recent weeks.

Reports suggest she’s unhappy he returned to golf so soon, and was incensed over Tiger’s filthy, violent Joslyn James text messages that recently came to light.

Whatever the reason, they’re taking separate vacations right now, and while you can’t count out a reunion, things have definitely been on a downward trajectory.

What do you think Elin Woods should do?