Tiger and Elin Woods: It's Totally Getting Worse

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He got off to a terrific start yesterday with a four-under par round of 68. But is Tiger Woods' Masters return coming at the expense of his marriage?

The golfer’s headline-making return to the sport he has dominated for so long has sparked many questions, and not all pertaining to his short game.


How scorned wife Elin Woods is handling the situation remains a topic of great speculation, and a source close to both says things aren't going well:

“There’s a reason why Elin didn’t go to the tournament and it’s simple. She thinks he’s breaking his promise to her by returning to golf so soon."

"Every day goes by, she gets a little angrier. Not only did she refuse his request to go to The Masters but she's also moved away from him emotionally.”

Physically, too. She doesn't put out!

Are Tiger and Elin Woods still on the rocks?

The couple fought about his golf return a few weeks ago when he first told Elin, “and since then she has been ice cold to him,” the source said.

It’s been a tough, slow process for Tiger and Elin as they try to heal their marriage in the aftermath of his secret life being stunningly exposed.

Not for lack of effort. About a month ago, she agreed to move back in and help rebuild his image as well as their union. But then came a snag.

“That was when things peaked,” said the source.

Some speculate it is his return to golf that's sparked her anger, others say it's the recently-exposed Tiger Woods text messages to Joslyn James.

She's been particularly upset about that dalliance, insiders say, due to James' porn past, and the sordid nature of his correspondence with her.

“There were so many women, so many years of betrayal, of living a lie," the source said. "Elin has to learn to trust again and it is not happening."

Elin Woods should totally ...

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