Tiger and Elin Woods Go on Vacation ... Separately

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As he said he would last night after completing his final round of golf Sunday, Tiger Woods flew out of Orlando for a little vacation Monday with his kids.

Not coming? Elin Woods, who was also MIA at The Masters.

Elin Nordegren Smiles

Tiger and his wife are not meeting up and are far away from each other at the moment, as Elin reportedly flew out of Orlando by herself Sunday night.

She reportedly flew to Scottsdale, Arizona, leaving the couple’s two children in the care of nannies. Tiger took off early today with Sam and Charlie.

He said after his golfing return that he was going to take another break, but left unsaid was that he and Elin Woods would be taking separate vacations.

Tiger and Elin Woods continue to struggle with their marriage.

It isn't all because Elin won't put out or hates his guts. People reported today that she went to visit her ailing mother who is undergoing private treatment.

However, other sources say that Elin planned this trip a while ago and that when she's finished, she is planning yet another trip away from Tiger Woods.

“Elin is not meeting up with Tiger,” a source said.

Elin has grown increasingly cold toward Tiger and things are totally getting worse since he returned to golf. Mrs. Woods has not moved back in with him.

Still, she hasn’t given up on the marriage ... yet.

She continues to take things slowly, exert independence and proceed one day at a time. What do you think Tiger's wife should do?

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