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DMX was arrested Tuesday in Arizona, marking approximately the 126th time the rapper has been taken into custody for some legal matter or another.

This time, though, he wants to turn things around, and his lawyer is reaching out to the one man that DMX believes can save him … Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear, but attorney Gary Jenkins tells us “He has been battling addiction for some time and he’s in need of treatment.”

Jenkins adds, “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.” Maybe now that he got that crazy stalker off his ass, he’ll have free time.

DMX Image
(Getty Images for Bacardi)

Can Dr. Drew help DMX get clean?

DMX mug shots over the past two years are almost too numerous to count. Jenkins added, however, “He’s a talented man … we’re praying for him.”

While unconfirmed, two reports suggest that DMX violated his probation by using illegal drugs and was booked on five counts of probation violation.

It’s also being reported that he let fly a few expletives during his initial court hearing last night, which is kind of hilarious and wouldn’t surprise us in the least.

Come on. This is DMX. It’s how he rolls.