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Warner Brothers was apparently far from pleased that Simon Monjack matter-of-factly accused them of killing his late wife, Brittany Murphy. Who’d have guessed.

The studio hit back at Con-jack’s extraordinarily ridiculous claim that the studio’s decision to fire Brittany Murphy directly resulted in her death December 20.

For one, a legal link between her death, however upsetting, and being fired from a movie set is pretty absurd. More importantly, they say she was never hired.

Kinda makes it hard to get fired, right?

“Any claim that Warner Bros. Pictures was somehow responsible for Brittany Murphy’s tragic death is demonstrably false, reprehensible and defamatory,” they said.

“Despite press reports to the contrary, Warner Bros. and Ms. Murphy never entered into any deal for Happy Feet 2, and thus, there was no contract to cancel.”

Simon Monjack wed Brittany Murphy in 2007.

While clearly upset about his wife’s death and deserving of some leeway, Simon Monjack is not making it easy for himself to be seen as a sympathetic figure.

His history of seedy behavior aside, he has gone almost overboard with the PR since Murphy died, ostensibly to defend her, but also to cast blame on others.

Who knows what the sleaze has up his sleeve next.