Do or Die For Jersey Shore Negotiations Tonight

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Two members of the Jersey Shore cast have agreed to MTV's offer of $10,000 an episode for Season Two, but the others are still holding out for more.

After the network made clear it would proceed with the show regardless, Ronnie Magro and Jenni Farley (J-WOWW) have accepted the $10,000/episode deal.

The network is drawing a hard line at the close of business Friday, at which point the rest of the Jersey Shore cast must either accept or be replaced.

MTV originally set a deadline of Monday evening, but negotiations continued and their offer doubled (it was originally just $5,000 per episode each).

Da Jersey Shore Cast

Would Jersey Shore be just as good with new guidos?

An MTV publicist said that come what may, the outcome of the negotiations should be known this coming Monday at the latest and possibly by later today.

Scott Talarico, agent for Nicole Polizzi (Snooki), said he can’t put a date or a number on the end of negotiations but is confident things will be worked out.

“I am confident there will be a second season I am just not sure of the end date of the negotiations,” he said of Snooki, The Situation, DJ Pauly D & Co.

Bottom line? Expect the gang to fold ... which is good news for us. If The Sitch isn't back in the house, we don't know what we're gonna do next season.

So expect Jwoww, The Situation and Snooki back on MTV despite the network letting it be known that an all new cast could be assembled quickly.