Jersey Shore Cast Calls Out The Hills

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Just two weeks and three episodes into its first season, Jersey Shore has become a bona fide hit for MTV. Not that its cast is at all surprised or humble.

The reality show's following grew to 2.1 million viewers last week, a 50-percent bump over the two-hour premiere, which sparked some serious buzz.

Whether the show can sustain that growth - are the ratings just a result of early hype, or are people actually getting hooked? - remains to be seen.

Regardless, the Jersey Shore cast is feeling pretty good about things these days. Good enough, at least, to talk some sh!t about another MTV show.

"We're better than The Hills," Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a. Snooki, said. "It's all real."

That's right. Even other MTV show casts think The Hills is fake.

"We are not fake; we don't try to present ourselves like we are fake," added her castmate, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley. Yes, her nickname is JWOWW.

"We don't put ourselves in front of the cameras with hair and makeup. We tell everyone how we feel. We don't say anything behind their backs."

Beef with Spencer Pratt et al. is the least of the show's worries.

MTV is still feeling heat from angry sponsors and Italian-American organizations who are offended by the show's use of the slang term "guido," which was featured heavily in the show's initial marketing, but absent from last week's episode.

The network also decided to cut footage of Snooki getting cold-cocked in the face by a man from this week's episode - but not before airing multiple shots of the punch (for which the meathead attacker was charged with assault) in promos for the show.

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