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Los Angeles courtroom Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered the co-conservatorship of Britney Spears to continue, with her father, Jamie Spears, in control of her life.

Jamie will get $16,000 a month for his duties as conservator of Brit. Not a bad deal, but he does make her personal, financial and medical decisions 24/7/365.

In short, he works hard for the money.

Goetz also ordered the co-conservator of Britney, aptly-named lawyer Andrew Wallet, to be paid $174,569.10 for services rendered from July-November 2009.

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The judge didn’t specify how long the conservatorship will remain in place, but lawyers involved expect it to last somewhere between six months and a year.

Probably for the best. We know Jason Trawick is a great influence and she’s a lot better now, but we’re not sure she’s capable of runnin’ wild and free just yet …

Jamie Spears still controls this. He might want to hire a stylist.

We reported two weeks ago that Britney sought to end the conservatorship. Either that was untrue, she was overruled, or there’s an end in sight (just not now).

Other issues concerned continuing to seal all medical and certain business transactions because of “trade secrets,” so that Britney’s treatment stays confidential.

The judge also increased the bond for the conservatorship from $1 million to $25 million. That way, if anything happened Britney’s money she would be covered.

Samuel Ingham, a court appointed attorney for Britney Spears, said in court that, “She [Britney] accepted the decisions as filed and had no objection to it.”

The next court hearing in the Britney case is scheduled for January 14. Fees for Laura Wasser, the star’s divorce/custody attorney, will be dealt with then.