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Okay, so Mady and Cara Gosselin’s 9th birthday party didn’t turn into WWIII, as their loser dad predicted it might. The Gosselin parents kept it civil.

“We kept it cordial for the kids,” he said outside.

Jon Gosselin had complained earlier in the week that Kate was trying to manipulate their custody agreement to shorten his time with the girls.

Jon scoffed at Kate’s alleged altering of their custody arrangement to ensure that he could only be present at their home from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Jon Gosselin in Hospital

“I won’t allow that,” he told ET. “She’s basically saying it’d be too stressful to the kids to have both of us here, which is what we originally planned.”

Jon and Kate refrained from murdering one another yesterday.

For all the talk, the king of pimps seemed in good spirits yesterday. Being around the abusive monster elicited more than a few eye-rolls, but it went smoothly.

Relatively, at least.

Jon didn’t stay the night, but did put in plenty of quality time, starting when he picked the twins up from the school bus stop and joined them for dinner.

Perhaps he should take the short bus to school himself, though. He showed up toting a cake with his daughter’s name, Mady, misspelled as “Maddy.”


This was likely an easy mistake by the bakery and nothing more, but remember Jon’s classic “go away TLC” sign last week? There weren’t exactly a lot of words spelled correctly on that sucker, including his own name.

Way to go, Johnathon Gosselin.