Robert Buckley Speaks on Joining One Tree Hill

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When Lipstick Jungle was canceled by NBC, female fans mourned. Partly because they liked the show, but also because that meant no more Robert Buckley.

Fortunately, One Tree Hill went and snapped up the free agent hunk, making him a full-time cast member. In turn, the CW picked up OTH for a full season!

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This afternoon, TV Fanatic talked with the handsome, talented star about coming aboard the long-running series in the role of Clay in an exclusive interview.

Here are some excerpts ...

TV Fanatic: Does it ever bother you that you're almost as well known for your literal body of work as for your acting skills?

Robert Buckley: No, because it was never to the detriment of my performance. Going back to Lipstick Jungle, I know I received compliments on the superficial, so to speak, but it was never said in a way that implied I lacked talent.

Robert Buckley is known for being shirtless, but don't sell his talent short!

TV Fanatic: You've come aboard a long-running show and replaced one of its bigger stars, Chad Michael Murray. Have you felt any pressure in that regard?

Robert Buckley: I never looked at it that way. The show jumped ahead 14 months, so Lucas and Peyton had a child and left; it was a natural course of events.

I felt self-imposed pressure because the show has been a success for six years. I felt like the new kid in school, but I buddied up quickly with [fellow new co-star Shantel VanSanten]. We were like the two kids not sitting at the cool table at lunch.

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