Amanda Seyfried: What About Me?!

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Megan Fox has been getting all the attention lately. This is largely because Megan Fox is not only obscenely hot, and says and does a lot of inane things.

But what about her co-star and girl-on-girl action partner in Jennifer's Body, Amanda Seyfried? What did this cutie do to be excluded from all discussion?

We think she's been unfairly left out, frankly.

The editors of GQ magazine apparently agree, featuring Amanda Seyfried in the new issue. A good call. Upon seeing the photo below, all we can say is:

Megan Who?!

Amanda's Body

Amanda Seyfried, 24, heats up the new issue of GQ.

Not to give away any Big Love spoilers to those who don't get HBO or aren't aware of Amanda's awesomeness on that series, but she plays the daughter of a polygamist couple just itching to rebel against their religious ways.

In other words, hot.

We know Megan Fox pictures are smoldering, but it's time her co-star gets her due. With shots like this, there ought to be a film called Amanda's Body.

Hey, we'd go see it. Click to enlarge more photos of her in GQ ...

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