Jillian Harris Reflects on Bachelorette Dates, Eliminations

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Yesterday, a series of Bachelorette spoilers leaked online, posing intriguing questions about some of the guys' motives, and the show's credibility in general.

We can only wait and see if these predictions come true, or what else emerges from behind the scenes. For now, Jillian Harris herself takes a look back at some of her decisions and dates on this week's episode of The Bachelorette.

Here's what Jillian thought of the fourth week, according to her blog ...


WOW! What an awesome week that was .... well, aside from the drama that went down at the cocktail party. I had an incredible time in my hometown.

It reminded me how proud I am to call Vancouver home. Vancouver had a late spring, so I was secretly a bit worried about the guys wondering where the greenery was. But instead they were oo-ing and aww-ing about how beautiful Vancouver was.

As you know - the first date went to Kiptyn (are people really calling him Kiptyn-ite?! That’s hilarious!) It wasn’t all glitz and glam, but neither is this girl! I had a huge crush on Kip and wanted to see what he thought of MY LIFE in Vancouver.

I actually go down to the Granville Island Market almost every Sunday. It’s always full of people, live music and good food - it really makes one feel totally alive!

As suspected, Kip was great at kayaking, and fit in to the Vancouver scene perfectly. Back at my pad, the two of us cooked up a wonderful dinner FROM SCRATCH!

Okay seriously, I was VERY nervous about this - so much could go wrong when trying to create two pasta sauces, fresh salad dressing and maple baked salmon for a guy you’re falling for on your first date. I was so flustered as you can imagine.

Ahhh the curling date.

This was such a nostalgic date for me. I remember curling bonspiels when I was just a kid - so much fun! To my delight, the guys loved it too!

What they didn’t love was only half of them going on the yacht. To make it up to them, I sent the losers a massage from the spa at the Fairmont.

Having only half the guys there allowed me to really connect with them. I saw David’s true colors (finally!), had a long overdue conversation with Jesse and of course, had a conversation with Jake that I think came off totally wrong! Oh boy.

The dreaded two-on-one date. In hindsight ... did I make the right call?

Well, although it may not seem like it - it really was the right thing. Lets face it - Mike IS a sweetheart, and he said and did ALL the right things that day.

But I’m not sure you saw how much Mark opened up about who he is.

Our conversation was not as romantic as my conversation with Mike, but it was very real and I believe that is how real connections are formed. That is what is hard about being The Bachelorette, there is always more than one right answer.

When Tanner told me about the girlfriend thing, at first I was sort of numb.

Part of me didn’t want to react - but then I got really upset and decided to put my foot down. It was really so hard to know what to do when no one came clean.

Also, it’s so hard to take advice from someone when you don’t know their intentions or what context they received that information. It was no surprise to see the guys talking about Wes, I suspected a bit of this at the time.

But I addressed my concerns with Wes several times and he was adamant of his feelings for me. Again, it’s one of those things where I want to pick who is right for ME, who I have the most natural conversations with, who is the most real with me.

I hope that makes sense to everyone, but please trust me on this one - I am looking for a good guy, who treats me like gold, makes me laugh and adores me ... and I will never settle for anything less! (And neither should you, ladies!)

Well, sorry if this was a long one - I truly appreciate you all reading and watching.

With lots of love, happiness and hugs,
Jilly Bean

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