The Bachelorette Recap: Farewell to a Neanderthal

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After narrowing the field from 16 to 13 last week, Jillian Harris cut three more last night on The Bachelorette, including both Juan and his nemesis David.

Who was the third to depart, and who's emerging as a contender?

As always, The Hollywood Gossip's recap below revisits some highlights, with points awarded and deducted as our staff members see fit. Here goes ...

Minus 2 for Juan not getting the one-on-one date. We really wanted 5-10 minutes' worth of Juan platitudes ... and a chance to say "Juan-on-Juan date."

Speaking of the one-on-one date, Jillian's note says, "Kiptyn - Let's cook up some love, Vancouver style." What does that even mean? There was no such thing as "Vancouver style" anything until host-pimp Chris Harrison wrote that. But hey, Plus 3 because Vancouver was a great setting for this week and seems like a hella cool city.

Kiptyn is a dumb name. Minus 6. Though the dude probably became awesome because he was saddled with that since birth. That's one way to make your kid an overachiever - name him Kiptyn and force him to overcompensate his entire life.

Kiptyn Photo

Kiptyn: Silly name, but great looks and personality.

Jillian Harris tells Kiptyn that physically, her type is "well, you wanna look in the mirror?" Typical, cute comment from a girl who's not normally that forward but totally has a crush on a guy and has had 4-5 glasses of wine. Plus 8.

Jake Pavelka says his previous dancing date with Jillian Harris "made his life." Jillian says everything out of Jake's mouth is "perfect." Wow. If these two are trying to hide their romance, they're doing an awful job. Minus 5.

Plus 7 for a curling competition to cuddle the Canadian cutie. Normally you only get to see this game of "shuffleboard on skates" televised every four years. It wasn't even a shameless plug, as the Olympics are on another network!

Juan calmly boasts that he possesses the "skill, speed and touch" to excel at curling. This guy doesn't have a high opinion of himself at all. Minus 12.

In the course of 30 seconds, crazy Dave makes a comment about Jillian's "tit" hanging out, gets rejected for a kiss, says that's "never" happened to him before, then implies that The Bachelorette star is a slut. Plus 17 for sheer hilarity.

Piece of advice, Jill: don't start a sentence with the words: "Every girl's dream," and then immediately follow them with "... in the kitchen." Minus 3.

Dismayed Bachelorette

Jillian Harris is upset by rumors that one or more of the guys on The Bachelorette may have girlfriends at home. It's hard to blame her ... or be at all surprised.

Having a girlfriend and being on The Bachelorette is "the rudest possible thing I've ever, ever known in my entire life," says Jillian. Mmm. Yeah. Uh, it's a reality show, girl. Who would ever go on one with less than pure intentions? Minus 10.

Playing up the ulterior motives / girlfriend angle so hard in the promos, yet not actually resolving anything was really lame, ABC, but at least it resulted in more Chris Harrison screen time, so we'll award the whole thing Plus 2.

Wes Hayden is obviously a shameless, self-promoting hack and pretty annoying to boot, but let's face it, the show needs a villain like him, so ... Even?

TOTAL: -1. SEASON: +24.

Sacked by Jillian Harris: Mike (two-on-one date); Juan, David (rose ceremony).

Still with a chance of getting in the sack with the lovely Jillian Harris: Kiptyn (one-on-one date); Jesse (group date); Mark (two-on-one date); Reid, Robby, Ed, Michael, Wes, Jake, and Tanner P. (rose ceremony).

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