Wino's Mom: Blake Fielder-Civil Digging For Gold

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Amy Winehouse’s mother Janis has accused the troubled singer's estranged and drug-addled husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, of being a regular Heather Mills.

As in a useless putz who mines hard for riches from a beloved English musician.

Earlier this year, Fielder-Civil filed for divorce from the Back To Black hitmaker on the grounds of adultery, after he saw photos of her St. Lucia vacation.

The pics showed her canoodling with numerous men, including Josh Bowman.

However, Blaaaaaaake's case weakened to say the least after recent reports revealed that he knocked up Gilleen Morris, an unemployed heroin addict who was being treated alongside him at the Phoenix Future rehab center.

Blake is supposedly demanding a paternity test, but Winehouse’s mother says that because of this recent development, she would not be dazed if Blake Fielder-Civil attempts to make demands for big bucks from Amy during the divorce.

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"It sounds like [Blake's] hands are outstretched not only for himself, but for this person he's made pregnant. To me it seems like a case of "let's get our hands out for the money,” The UK's Daily Star quotes Janis as saying.

Janis also revealed that Blake’s knocking up Gilleen Morris (and dating Francesca Morralee, 17) came as a shock to Amy, who still wanted to work it out.

"Amy did everything she could to get back from St. Lucia to support him, and he's doing that. It's a blow," Janis said, and she doesn't mean coke.

"She was clearly devastated. He's divorcing her for adultery but what about this? I think it's just a case of Blake's showing his true colors now.”

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