Gilleen Morris: I'm Carrying Blake Fielder-Civil's Love Child!

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When it comes to going to rehab, Amy Winehouse once crooned that her answer would be "NO! NO! NO!"

Now, according to questionable reports, husband Blake Fielder-Civil has made a rehabbing woman cry "YES! YES! YES!"

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Gilleen Morris - a single, jobless mother of two - told News of the World that she's six weeks pregnant with a child conceived in rehab with the troubled Fielder-Civil.

"Blake seduced me and we had a secret fling," Morris said. "When I told him I was pregnant he said, 'Oh f***!' But he vowed to stand by me and raise the child... Initially I was planning to have an abortion, but Blake's vow has completely thrown me."

Gilleen Morris, left, claims she's having Blake Fielder-Civil's love child. The story is crazier than Amy Winehouse's hair.

Morris said the pair first got it on during a cigarette break outside the rehab facility. They continued to have unprotected intercourse for many nights after that.

"I never planned for any more children. Our fling was just a bit of fun. I never imagined these consequences," she said, echoing the sad, ignorant statements of far too many women that don't use some form of birth control.

As Blake and Amy go through a bitter divorce, how will Gilleen's condition affect Blake's effort to bank a significant portion of Winehouse's money? That remains to be seen.

Previous reports said Fielder-Civil had planned on using the singer's infidelity against her as part of his case for a large settlement. This news, if true, will simply lead to more bickering between the estranged couple.

We can't wait.

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