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Amy Winehouse suffered some freak nasty burns on her leg last night.

The struggling singer, who is currently on St. Lucia vacation #2 this year, is said to have “experienced an accident” while “rustling up a meal.”

The Sun says Wino was “cooking pasta.” Code for free-basing?

According to friends, a kitchen pot tipped over, dousing the train wreck’s legs with scalding hot water. Amy Winehouse made no attempt to cover the scars, however, calmly wandering down a beach in a pair of denim shorts.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Pic

OUCH! Wino’s wounds – which were covered in sand – look like they need a good cleaning. Then again, so does the rest of her, as do her internal organs.

One visitor at the resort where she’s saying said, “Amy’s wounds looked so painfully sore – she really should cover them up or get herself under an umbrella. They were covered in sand. We couldn’t believe she wasn’t keeling over in pain.”

Kirk Sommer, a spokesperson for Wino, replied: “She’s not in a lot of pain, she’s just letting it breathe.” Not sure if that idea works with third-degree burns.

Meanwhile, Amy’s estranged husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, is demanding a paternity test from the unemployed heroin addict claiming he knocked her ass up.

Blake is now saying that Gilleen Morris, 31, is not having his child and accusing her of inventing the story. It was a brief, but storybook romance for Gilleen and Blake, who boinked last month while patients at the same rehab clinic.

You can imagine Amy’s reaction to this news.