Hayden Panettiere Graces Cover of TV Guide

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Here's how The Hollywood Gossip sizes up the situation: Heroes may suck big time so far this season, but Hayden Panettiere is still cute. Agreed? Nice.

For the 14 of you out there who have stood by the series despite its obvious shark jumping and still care about Heroes spoilers, here are some for you:

You Know What That Look Says

On her character, Claire, Hayden says: “One of her parents will die.”

On Greg Grunberg’s character, Matt, the 19-year-old actress says: “We are planning for Matt and [ex wife] Janice to meet again.”

On the concept of traveling through time, Panettiere proclaims: “Time travel has become too much of a creative crutch. We wanted to flex some different muscles and take it off the table for a while to keep things fresh.”

On Zachary Quinto’s character, Sylar, HP had this to say: “He’ll be doing things we’ve never seen before. Awful and scary things.”


Hayden Panettiere Biography

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Hayden Panettiere is a pretty and talented young star. You might know her from Heroes, though she has also starred in more than a dozen... More »
Palisades, New York
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Hayden Leslie Panettiere