Joel Madden Gushes About Harlow Winter

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Joel Madden is excited to be a father, even he he admittedly "[sucks] at diapers."

"I am finally home with my beautiful girlfriend and our brand new little daughter," wrote Madden about Nicole Richie and Harlow Winter on his DCMA Collective website under the heading "It's a Girl!!!!"

The rocker added that his new born "is 19 inches long and growing everyday already! We are so blessed to have this beautiful little baby in our lives."

In frightening news for Harlow, however, Madden also says she "looks so much like her mom its crazy!"

That's bad enough. But as long as the little one doesn't act like her mom - popping pills, driving drunk and never eating - she should be okay.


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We're the family with the baby so I think probably us, but who knows.

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She is a great mom. She is super mom.

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