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James Rousseau is not content being just a pretty face who’s dating just another pretty face (Kate Bosworth).

Therefore, the Britsh model is attempting to break into the music industry – and has actually released a single called “To Make You Mine.”

Who might that be about?

Rousseau’s MySpace page also says its star is “about to finish writing for his debut album, and will start recording in April this year.”

Hey, it can’t be any worse than Heidi Montag singing!

We’ve actually uncovered the lyrics to Rousseau’s debut single:

I’m lost in thought all the time
You are always on my mind
You rise a light known (?) that I’d seen before
You kept coming back for more
I wonder if you know what you mean to me
Let it overflow over you and me
I will kill a thousand men to make you mine
The blood upon my hands won’t mean a thing
I’m as good as dead without you by my side
I might as well be crucified
You won’t let me in
You put me back on my feet
You paint a smile on every face you make
I try to do the best I can for you
I love the crazy things you do