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Britney Spears plans to go to court today with her lawyers to ask the judge to expand her visitation rights to overnight visits with her kids.

We’re not sure why she cares what house they stay overnight in, as she’ll be out topless or in no underwear somewhere while they sleep anyway. But no matter.

Spears was urged by her lawyers to personally attend the hearing, which is scheduled for 8:30 AM local time in downtown Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Britney Spears has now had several clean drug tests. Sticking to just alcohol for a whole week and a half? Wow! Better give her the kids back!

Britney’s lawyers will use her passed drug tests and other evidence to make their case. They’ve told Britney her presence will show the judge how much she cares about the kids – she finally gets it and plans to show up.

Currently, Britney Spears has monitored visitation – the kids are deposited in the morning and returned to Kevin Federline in the early evening.

Meanwhile, celebrity gossip reporters recently caught Britney going into a Target in Culver City, where she went ballistic after peeps blocked her from shopping.

Brit was heard dropping the f-bomb, shouting “What the f*%k do you want?!” as her assistant (not Alli Sims, but a new girl!) snapped at a rent-a-cop who was doing little to control the situation. Great times (and low prices) at Target!

As Spears made her way out of the store, Britney was reportedly in better spirits, though, shouting “Bye, y’all!” as she drove off. Sweet gal.