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While Brad Womack continues to make the women swoon on the current season of The Bachelor, his predecessor is shipping off to Iraq.

We knew that last season’s bachelor stud, Andy Baldwin, split from his fiancée, Tessa Horst, but now, there’s apparently little chance at reconciliation, with the 30-year-old Navy lieutenant set to embark on a tour of duty for 6-12 months beginning in January, according to his official site.

Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst: So in love for a few weeks.

“He leaves in January,” his rep has confirmed.

Did his assignment lead to the breakup? A friend of Andy Baldwin says that while their long-distance love was already proving difficult for Tessa Horst (he’s in Hawaii, she’s in San Francisco), the news he was going abroad “was a factor.”

No word on how Tessa Horst or Bevin Powers are reacting to the news. Or how Sepideh Haftgoli, Baldwin’s possible Iranian plaything, feels about it.