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Please, Britney, give us less.

We’ve already seen Britney Spears topless, wearing no pants, goin’ clubbing with no underwear, and pretty much nude. What is an uncut version of “Gimme More” gonna do for us, really? Besides give us an excuse to talk about her?

Not much. But nonetheless, here’s Britney Spears topless except for very carefully placed “pasties” in this raw version of the “Gimme More” music video

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021


As you can see, an almost naked Britney Spears is seen taking off a leather vest while dancing around a stripper pole as she moans “Gimme More.” The “singer” then thrusts her body to the beat while holding up her breasts with her bare hands, and sometimes with her vest as well. Oooh yeah, this is HOT stuff.

Sort of. Or not really. Who hasn’t seen Britney Spears nude or darn close to it at this point? Take a seat, J.R. Rotem. It was a rhetorical question.