Larry Birkhead Sets a Good Example

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A week after Dannielynn turned one, her father told celebrity gossip sources that he was more focused than ever on being a positive influence in her life.

"Life is too short, this story has taught me," Larry Birkhead said to People magazine at Sunday's TV Guide post-Emmys party in Hollywood. "I have no plans to fight. I'd just like to be positive for my daughter."

Sliding for Attention

Birkhead says Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's awful mother, "wants to be a grandma, but grandmas bake cookies, not fake lawsuits. I'd like everybody that shows good intentions to be a part of my baby's life. I think that's the only way to do it. If you show me anything less than the best intentions, then hit the road."

Well said, Larry.

Despite DNA proving that Birkhead is the father, Arthur is still trying to wrangle her daughter's giant fortune Dannielynn away from him.

Meanwhile, Birkhead has actually found an ally in Howard K. Stern, which is sort of akin to Britney Spears coming to the defense of Kevin Federline. As opposed to, you know, trying to have him killed.

"It's a working relationship," Birkhead said of Stern. "People can scratch their heads at it, because I do, too. Chances are, if Anna were alive today, things would be different for us. Howard was a part of her life, so you just have to pick up where you can."


Larry Birkhead Quotes

She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead