K-Dead? Multiple Threats Made on Federline's Life

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Citing several reliable sources, Entertainment Tonight reports that the FBI and LAPD are investigating legitimate leads on a contract hit on Kevin Federline.

Multiple sources have reportedly told ET that the FBI has already made attempts to contact Kevin Federline to inform him of the potential danger.

Sources within the FBI tell ET that informing the person in question is the bureau's standard operating procedure when their life is threatened.

Entertainment Tonight has reportedly been working this story for two months. When contacted, the FBI said it cannot confirm or deny an investigation.

Unfazed by the bounty on his dome and snipers watching his every move, K-Fed enjoys a lighter moment at home with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

If it's true that a hit man or group of hit men is looking to off Kevin Federline, well, we hope he takes some precautions to keep himself and his sons safe.

Obviously, the prime suspect has to be Britney Spears. Come on. If that secret witness talks, she stands to lose custody of her adorable little mistakes!

And would anyone be that shocked if a drunk, drugged up Britney threw a suitcase full of $700,000 at Julio Camera and told him to kill Kevin?

Think about it. You'd be a little surprised, but not stunned by any means.


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