Kevin Federline Becomes One Tree Hill Regular

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He's digging acting, and he's gonna get to do a lot more of it.

Kevin Federline is set to become a regular on One Tree Hill after he has impressed cast and crew with his acting skills in a guest role.

The failed rapper and former backup dancer has already filmed a guest part on the show and thoroughly enjoyed himself. We're sure Nicole Narain is proud!

Federline, who made his acting debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation last year, is set for more appearances on the smash hit teen soap.

"I've had a great time doing it I didn't really know I'd have as much fun as I did doing it," Kevin said. "I've shot two already and I've got to go out and shoot one more... We'll see where it takes me."

Kevin Federline reveals he has put his music career on hold to concentrate on his love for acting. Probably not the worst idea he's ever had.

"I like doing it all. Music is a passion to me but I'm finding my passion in acting right now," said the father of Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Now that brother has got some employment, it stands to reason he should be given custody of the rugrats, although a judge apparently sees it differently.

Much as we enjoy bashing him at times, we look forward to many great One Tree Hill quotes emerging from the mouth of K-Fed in the coming year.

Updating a previous story, the FBI has confirmed it investigated a contract hit on Federline, but soon dropped the case due to insufficient evidence. It happened over two months ago, the bureau reports, making rumors of new death threats on FedEx this month patently false.


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