Kevin Federline Digging the Acting Thing

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You learn something every day in the celebrity news biz.

Today's lesson is that a "cocky, enigmatic frontman" for a legendary rock band looks very much like Kevin Federline with a Mohawk.

Well, at least in the One Tree Hill universe.

Britney Spears' former husband donned a spiky hairdo for his guest-starring gig on the CW series, according to Extra, which visited FedEx on the set.

"I'm really into the acting thing," Kevin Federline said. "I'm loving it!"

Who can blame him? He's probably getting paid money - an unfamiliar and surely enjoyable concept for a man of his ilk.

Also happy K-Fed is there are the producers, who cast him for a two-episode arc but may want him back for more, calling him a "perfect fit" to play the singer for No Means Yes, a rock band from the fictional town of Tree Hill, N.C.

"I kind of play this self-obsessed wannabe rock star," said the father of Sean Preston and Jayden James.

"A guy that really takes himself too seriously."

Federline, whose only other credits were a guest spot on CSI and a hilarious turn in an insurance commercial, says the new work suits him.

Asked about his music aspirations, Kevin Federline, who released an album last year, answered: "[I'm] definitely more focused on the acting thing."

Probably a good thing, given how the album worked out. We're sure he will deliver some of the best One Tree Hill quotes in the series' history.


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