Go... Go... Go Shorty, It's Your Inauguration Day: 50 Cent Backing Hillary Clinton White House Bid

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Fresh off her resounding defeat of Heidi Montag in The Hollywood Gossip's Tale of the Tape, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is setting out in search of something almost as impressive - a victory in the 2008 presidential election.

Whether she can win that battle has yet to be determined, but at least Hill has picked up the key endorsement of an unlikely supporter - 50 Cent.

That's right, politics and pop culture have collided in a major way as rapper and former drug dealer 50 Cent - a man who probably was happy to see tougher gun laws passed during the Clinton administration (having been shot nine times) - weighs in on the race for the White House.

Here's what Fiddy told MTV News in a recent interview regarding his candidate of choice, Hillary Rodham Clinton:

"I'd like to see Hillary Clinton be president. It would be nice to see a woman be the actual president and ... this is a way for us to have Bill Clinton be president again, as he did a great job during his term."

Fortunately, in his statement supporting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, 50 kept things positive and did not say he would off any Barack Obama supporters.

While Hillary is surely pleased with the psuedo-endorsement, she might take it with a grain of salt. After all, there are still 14 months to go before the election and so much can happen between now and then.

For example, if Lauren Conrad were to suddenly throw her (chic, designer) hat into the ring, you never know how the California girl would poll in key states.

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