Brad Womack: Sexy, Successful, Shirtless 24-7

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Okay, not really. At least the last part. He's not Matthew McConaughey, although the actor did graduate from the University of Texas in Womack's home of Austin.

But he's certainly a successful entrepreneur, and some critics have called Brad Womack the "sexiest bachelor ever," a title that makes him laugh.

"I don't know how to take that, honestly," Womack said. "Yeah, it is laughable. It's a great title. But it's probably more laughable for my guy friends than anything."

At 19, he left Texas State University to work in oil fields for several years, saving enough money to open his first bar when he was 28.

And he swears he's not vain enough to go shirtless 24/7.

"Quite honestly, I don't walk around with my shirt off that much â€" especially when cooking breakfast," he said.

Not that Brad Womack doesn't work on his chiseled physique.

"I work out quite a bit and eat very healthy," he said. "That means lifting weights five days a week and running three times a week. I'm a little narcissistic about it."

He's also not on the show for stardom, he said. He's looking for love with a down-to-earth but beautiful, sweet, honest, loyal girl-next-door type.

Those are surely in abundance on a show such as The Bachelor.

Sexiest Bachelor of All Time

Turning to a reality TV show to find a woman may seem like an unnecessary step for Brad Womack, a hunk who runs several bars in a college town, right?

"People would think it's so easy to meet people in the bar business ... but it's just not my nature to go up and flirt with someone when I'm working," Womack said.

He is hoping the woman of his dreams will be in the pool of bachelorettes chosen by ABC... Some of whom resort to interesting antics to get him to pay attention. Such as stripping down to a bikini, or twisting into a pretzel â€" the first night.

The competition between the women gets a little crazy at times.

"On one hand, I was pleased to see some of the ladies would put themselves out there like that," he said. "But the twisting (her)self like a pretzel ... some are willing to put themselves out there, maybe a little too out there. I like aggression, but it got a little bit different sometimes."

Suitors take note: It might help to tell him how much you love Austin and want to live there. Brad Womack has no plans to move to Hollywood or anywhere else.

"Never say never, but even in the show, I explain that I have some pretty strong roots here," he said. "I genuinely love the community of Austin, and I would love to convince anyone what a great city Austin is."

So did he find the perfect girl-next-door, who happens to be gorgeous but low-maintenance? Who likes the beach and wants to live in Texas?

Wait and watch, he said.

"All I can say is I'm happy with the turnout of the thing," Womack said.


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