The Hollywood Gossip TV Watch: Reaper

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The Hollywood Gossip staff loves our TV.

And we also love informing readers of shows we think they should be watching.

You're welcome, by the way, to all those that took our advice last week and are now hooked on Gossip Girl, the guiltiest pleasure this side of watching 21-year-old valley girls go to clubs on The Hills.

Up next in our television watch? Another show on The CW: Reaper.

This hour-long comedy premieres tonight at 9 p.m. It centers around a boy whose parents sold his soul to the Devil at birth. Oddly enough, however, Spencer Pratt isn't the star.

Instead, Bret Harrison plays Sam Oliver - and he's joined by a few friends, as the group sets off on its mission of returning lost, evil souls to Hell. Longtime actor Ray Wise portrays Satan and, well, you're gonna have to trust us. It's funny, funny stuff.

As humorous as the fact that Britney Spears nude instances from the past may have cost her millions in Playboy money? Close to it, at least.