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Rambling rocker Pete Doherty baby-shambled his junkie ass back to rehab Thursday after a drama-filled week that involved a violent run-in with a poor celebrity news photographer and yet another drug-related bust.

The babyshambles frontman checked in to Cloud’s House rehab center in England after allegedly chasing and assaulting photographer Cath Mead.

Cath Mead claims her hair was pulled and camera smashed in the attack. Man, life in the celebrity news business is getting more dangerous by the day.

Cloud’s House has served such illustrious clients as Robbie Williams and Boy George.

Surprisingly, Lindsay Lohan has never visited there.

Doherty, who hasn’t seen Kate Moss nude since they broke up, was arrested (again) on suspicion of drug possession. He was released on the condition that he live with a friend in Somerset.

This guy has the best lawyers on earth. How else can you remain free after all these run-ins with the man? Maybe Austin Nichols could place a call to that law firm?