Pete Doherty Somehow Free - Again - On Technicality

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One would think that by now, police would've gotten the whole routine of arresting Pete Doherty down.

Then again, one would also think that the LAPD wouldn't ruin an air-tight case by trying to frame a guilty O.J. Simpson. But that's neither here nor there. Nor this century.

Anyway, Doherty, Kate Moss' ex-boytoy, got off yesterday. At the hands of a judge.

Police somehow couldn't get him in front of a judge within 24 hours of his arrest on suspicion of drug possession, thus denying his right to a speedy trial.

The "singer" had been arrested around 2:30 AM Monday, after performing with his band Babyshambles at a festival. But, according to reports, Judge Susan Williams had to set Doherty free, saying:

"Anyone arrested for a breach of bail must be brought before the court and dealt with in a 24-hour period."

This guy beats the rap more than Coley Laffoon beats... forget it.

Of course, Pete Doherty escaped big trouble several times before, having been threatened with jail less than two weeks ago.

It's unclear how his recent arrest will affect that case, in which he admitted driving illegally with crack, heroin, ketamine and pot.

He's definitely leading Jason Wahler on The Hollywood Gossip's arrest watch, and we expect him to be back behind bars by September 1.