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Criss Angel is helping Britney Spears with a possible MTV Video Music Awards performance, and their relationship is purely professional, the illusionist says.

Yeah, right.

“It’s amazing what people think,” the Mind Freak said. “We’re not together. Her manager is my manager. I’m helping with one of her shows for MTV. That’s all.”

Rumors flew after the Las Vegas-based Criss Angel, 39, was spotted with Spears, 25, in L.A., meeting up with her and her friends at restaurants and hotels.

Acknowledging the Wednesday night dinner he and Spears shared at Cravings restaurant in West Hollywood, Angel said, “Yes, I’m here working on some stuff, and we went to that restaurant with 10 people.”

“We were talking about how she wants to do something more with the [awards] show, and about me helping out and hoping to work with her on doing something to make her MTV appearance more innovative.”

Britney Spears has been in talks to perform at the September 9 show at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

“It’s amazing how you can’t do anything now without people making up stuff,” Angel said.

Sure thing. For the record, Spears and Angel went into the W Hotel in Westwood around 3:00 a.m. Friday morning and didn’t emerge until late morning.

According to TMZ, that’s the second night in a row the unusual duo was at a hotel together. Late Wednesday, they sauntered into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills.

In other news, while every guy under the sun is apparently willing to ride Britney Spears‘ train (heh) her divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, wants to get the hell off.

Sources connected to her case say that Wasser will resign as Spears’ attorney. The high-powered lawyer, who has represented stars such as Angelina Jolie and Nick Lachey, sealed the deal on the divorce late last month.

Now that the divorce is done, Wasser is done.

We’re told Wasser has put Spears in touch with other lawyers who could help the singer in her ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline, but Spears has become so reliant on Wasser that she doesn’t like any of the alternatives.

There’s probably a good reason for that – with Spears falling apart at the seams, it’s pretty amazing Wasser was able to get her stupid ass a 50/50 custody split.