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If, by “amazing,” Tyler Atkins meant “a snobby, self-promoting ho-tel heiress who spent the better part of yesterday evening riding Suge Knight,” then we couldn’t agree more.

Tyler Atkins is Australian, after all. Maybe “amazing” implies that there.

In any case, while Paris Hilton hasn’t spoken about her new relationship with the surfer dude, the 21-year-old Aussie opened up about getting to know the socialite.

“She is a really smart, amazing girl,” Tyler Atkins told Australia’s, apparently confusing Paris with Anne Hathaway. “We share similar interests.”

We’ll decline comment on certain interests Tyler and Paris may share.

“We’ve been hanging out at the beach, talking about fashion and it has been lots of fun,” Atkins said. “She’s a cool girl and we’re having a great time enjoying each other’s company.” 

Paris Hilton, who just got out of jail and has rented a house in Malibu, Calif., for the summer, has been snapped cuddling on the beach with Tyler Atkins.

On July 14, the pair hung out at the Lia Sophia jewelry clam bake, where Hilton gobbled lobster and corn on the cob and showed off her new Yorkie pup.

No word on whether it’s the same Yorkie Britney Spears just bought, and whether it escaped her clutches only to wind up with someone worse.

Later in the day, Hilton and a shirtless Tyler Atkins (hot) spent more time together on the beach at Rock & Republic’s anniversary party.

Among other things, the two share an interest in fashion. Hilton has her own clothing line, while Tyler Atkins is an entrepreneur and a top designer for Australia-based clothing and accessories company Rock Stars & Angels.

We give this relationship at least another few hours.