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The Humane Society of the United States is worried about Britney Spears.

We know, we know. Join the club. They’re not talking about her excessive partying, lack of fashion sense or bad parenting of Sean Preston and Jayden James, though. Well, at least they didn’t mention anything about that stuff specifically.

The Humane Society is pissed at Britney because last weekend she bought a new dog – specifically, a purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy – at a pet store.

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In a press release slamming Spears, the Humane Society’s director of outreach for companion animals, Stephanie Shain, said:

“Most dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills – factory-like facilities, churning out purebred and “designer” puppies in large numbers… Every time someone purchases a dog from a pet store, they risk perpetuating the horrendous business of puppy mills.”

Further, the organization is concerned with the seeming haste (half an hour at most) with which Britney Spears purchased a $3,000 puppy.

“Choosing a dog is a major lifestyle decision that should not be taken lightly,” Shain said. “We suggest people take time to choose a member of their family, and to be sure they are working with a reputable breeder.”

It’s good advice. Too bad it will fall upon deaf ears.

Think about who you’re talking to here. Britney Spears has never be accused of taking her time with life decisions, especially when it comes to additions to her family.

But despite it being an apparent lost cause, the Humane Society of the U.S. is eager to lend Britney a hand with her new pup. Shain tells Britney Spears:

“If you send us a copy of your dog’s papers, we’d be happy to look into the situation for you.”

Reading between the lines, she means “tell us where the dog is so we can take him away from you before he becomes starved and neglected.”Hey, maybe if the Humane Society takes the puppy back, they can work out a 2-for-1 deal with Britney when it comes time to have it fixed. We can hope.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we must pray that someone close to Spears, like Daimon Shippen – or even K-Fed and his reported new girlfriend, Liz Hernandez – help the animal welfare group locate its whereabouts.