Photo Finish: Lucy Pinder vs. Anna Kournikova

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Tennis, anyone?

Even those who aren't fans of the Roger Federer-dominated sport may change their minds once they check out the photos below. For once, Lucy Pinder is wearing clothing... but we don't mind so much when she looks like that.

Typically, of course, Pinder is one of a handful of British babes that refuses to put on a shirt. She even posed that way alongside Michelle Marsh recently.

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Not that we're complaining. But the lingerie model may need to get naked once more if she hopes to win this picture battle. After all, she's up against tennis modeling sensation Anna Kournikova. Known more for her body than her skills on the court, the possible wife of Enrique Iglesias is triumphant in most cleavage contests.

For that reason, we advise Pinder to stick to the nudity. Leave the sports up to athletes. As Tila Tequila can attest to, one needs to accept one's role in society.

And for Pinder, Marsh and Keeley Hazell, that role is to pose topless and make sex tapes. It isn't so difficult.

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