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Even Tantric sex isn’t enough to keep Kim Porter around.

Especially if her man, Diddy, is conducting that speciality with someone as gross as Sienna Miller.

Sources inside the Sean Combs’ camp told Page Six that Porter moved out of his apartment in New York because talk of the rap mogul bedding the sex mogul are heating up again.

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“Kim is in Louisiana filming a movie right now, and when it’s done she’s moving to L.A.,” the source said.

Porter has already bought a posh pad in Beverly Hills for her and her four children – three of whom, Christian, 10, and twins D’Lila and Jessie, 7 months, are Diddy’s.

“She is focusing on her career as a model and actress and raising her children,” an insider said. “They are the best of friends, but they just can’t be together right now.”

Of course, this is far from new. Kim and Diddy split for several years when he was dating Jennifer Lopez. This couple gets back together more often than Lauren Conrad gets called “America’s Sweetheart.”

Rumors of a rift between Porter and Diddy started circulating earlier this year when, right after the December birth of the twins, Combs stayed out almost every night till the wee hours of the morning partying with Miller.

This sex romp friendship between Combs and Miller was rekindled last weekend when he went to London to perform in the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Arena. Celebrity gossip sources across the Atlantic were almost more focused on this affair than Kate Middleton and Prince William getting back together.

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, Combs went to the concert after-party at a club called Paper, but “didn’t look too happy to be there . . . until [Miller] arrived . . . For seemingly the first time all night, he started to enjoy himself . . . he ordered six burly bouncers to form a ring around the couple.

And one unlucky reveler who accidentally strayed too close to the pair at Paper . . . was manhandled out of the way by their heavies.”

A rep for Diddy said “there is no truth to this,” but didn’t Britney Spears once say she loved her mom? We’ve learned how to read between the lines.