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If Alex Rodriguez can hit home runs in the face of his affair with Joslyn Noel Morse, while his wife Cynthia Rodriguez looks on in an obscenity-laced shirt, Amy Polumbo can overcome the latest scandal to embroil a beauty queen.

And that’s exactly what this beauty is doing.

Just crowned Miss New Jersey last month, Amy Polumbo is being threatened by someone who claims to have Katie Rees-like pictures of this beauty getting drunk and naked.

This loser is blackmailing Amy, telling her to forfeit the crown or have her giant boobs and other body parts exposed for the world to see.

But Amy Polumbo isn’t taking such a threat lying down!

Holding a press conference that was far more impressive than the one Tara Conner put together months back, this Jersey girl said she would not give in to any demands.

“Being crowned as Miss New Jersey is a dream come true. But that dream has now turned into a nightmare. I am presently the victim of blackmail and possible extortion,” she began. “It would certainly be easier for me to simply succumb to these unlawful and immoral threats, and quietly disappear.”

But that won’t happen. We commend Amy Polumbo for taking a strong stance.

It’s one thing when Amanda Beard nude pics get publicized because she posed for those; it’s quite another when an innocent beauty queen is blackmailed simply because she had a fun, naked night out with friends.

This development might cause celebrity gossip readers to wonder, though: What’s in the beer water in New Jersey? Remember, Antonella Barba also hails from that state. And need we remind you about that photo scandal?