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Lance Bass just couldn’t resist.

We understand that the former boy-bander and aspiring astronaut wants to write a book about his life – but must he go with the obvious title, Out of Sync?!?

We guess he’s still recovering from the break-up with Reichen Lehmkuhl, so we’ll go easy.

The Hollywood Gossip

But still. We hope the book is more original than the title, Lance.

Bass plans to write “all about his life, his music and his sexuality” in the memoir, his publisher, Simon Spotlight Entertainment, announced Wednesday.

We bet Lauren Conrad reads it.

The book will hit stores in October.

In it, Lance will tell readers about his childhood in small-town Mississippi, his experiences as a member of the hugely popular boy band (which started with a phone call from Justin Timberlake when Bass was 16), and, in 2002, his four months in Russia training to be a cosmonaut on a space mission (though he was forced to drop out due to a lack of funds).

Wow. This guy really has already lived a fuller life than Jason Wahler. But that might not be saying much.