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Britney Spears has gone wild, y’all!

Wild and desperate for attention, that is.

The “singer” was spotted taking a seemingly spontaneous dip in the ocean yesterday.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

But, as this X17 online video screen capture shows, photographers surrounded Spears, whose every move exemplifies a troubled individual desperately begging for attention.

In any case, Britney Spears seemed in good spirits yesterday afternoon as she took a very cold dip in Malibu with her good friend, Lucy Walsh.

Lucy Walsh looks like a cutie. Wonder where Alli Sims was!

After spending two hours talking and signing papers at the Bel Air Bar & Grill with some executives, she drove to the beach, stripped down to her underwear, and ran quickly in to and out of the freezing water.

Jayden James Federline, fortunately, was not there to witness this display.

See X17’s exclusive Britney Spears underwear photos below. It sure looks like a ton of fun… except for the pack of paparazzi standing two feet away and all.