Belligerent Bear: Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Wedding

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Now that he's "shed a few pounds," oil(y) heir Brandon Davis, a.k.a. "Greasy Bear" is apparently having trouble holding his liquor.

Or he's just a jackass. Or both.

Trouble for Brandon Davis

Spies at the recent wedding reception of his older brother - Alexander - yes, there is yet another bear - snitched that Brandon Davis caused an uproar.

He celebrated Alexander's marriage to his Greek girlfriend (sadly, not a relative of fellow heir / club fixture Stavros Niarchos) by "getting into an enormous fight with his father," Turkish-American wine importer Nebil Zarif.

Yes, Greasy Bear, along with brothers Alexander and Jason Davis, a.k.a. Gummi Bear, is partly a Middle Eastern Bear.

One who, of course, ridiculed Paula Abdul's Middle Eastern heritage in the not so distant past. Yeah. He's not smart. Or classy. At all.

He also has more grease in his hair than Spencer Pratt. Thus the nickname.

Sources at the reception say Brandon Davis, whose oily sheen is one of the seven wonders of the celebrity gossip universe, was "acting belligerent" and "knocking over chairs and flower arrangements" at the Mantage Resort in Laguna Beach.

"[Brandon Davis] got so upset, he sent tables crashing ... he had to be carried out of the reception," says a witness.

Davis, a Hollywood rich kid who is notorious for obnoxious outbursts and screaming rants (remember Firecrotch), did not return calls for comment.

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