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On the outside, Katherine Heigl looks like a perfectly manicured poolside goddess. She's tan, fit, blond and wearing serious bling on her finger.

But don't be fooled. This 28-year-old TV and movie star knows how to get down and dirty. Mess with her, and she will throw down. Got a problem with that?

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Glamour (which somehow named Victoria Beckham Woman of the Year - WTF - sat down with Katherine Heigl to talk about her rise to the top of the Hollywood heap.

Glamour: You've had a pretty crazy year at Grey's Anatomy. What prompted you to chastise Isaiah Washington?

Katherine Heigl: At the time, I was a girl whose best friend had been hurt. I was mad. I'd had a glass or two of champagne, and an interviewer asked me about it. I knew I wasn't playing the political game. The network wants us to promote a healthy, happy environment, and I'm usually all for that. But that particular incident infuriated me, and I couldn't hold my tongue. I think it's pathetic there's still so much bigotry in 2007. I would speak out again if the situation arose.

Glamour: How did people react to your statement?

Katherine Heigl: There was so much encouragement and gratitude. The man who designed my engagement ring, Ryan, and his partner, Ken, wrote me a letter thanking me for standing up for them.

When I read that letter, I realized the issue was larger than what happened to T.R. Knight, and I started to understand how very alone so many people have felt.

Glamour: Now you're starring in Knocked Up with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. You play a woman who gets pregnant after a one-night stand. What was it like to work with them?

Katherine Heigl: It was the best experience. I had to be on my toes, some of the scenes were improvised and the stuff they came up with was so outrageous. In one scene, I got into a fight with [Seth Rogen] about the way my body was changing. He said, "Don't worry, we'll pay for vaginal reconstruction." That's what came out of his mouth, unscripted!

Glamour: Was it weird to feel pregnant?

Katherine Heigl: No, the prosthetic belly felt so fake. Plus, my character was super-in-shape, so I had to lose 10 pounds for the role. When I do get pregnant, I'm sure I'll be the chick who looks pregnant from her ankles up!

THG NOTE: See Salma Hayek.

Glamour: Was it hard to lose weight for a role?

Katherine Heigl: It was awful! I remember once reading an article about Jessica Alba - who must be the most beautiful, most in-shape person alive - and how committed she was to her regimen. And I thought, There's no way in hell that will ever be me. I can't eat only fish and vegetables or work out seven days a week. Then suddenly I was that person and I was shocked. But I could never maintain it. I like food too much!

THG NOTE: Bet Cash Warren sure is glad Jessica Alba doesn't!

Glamour: How do you ignore all the messages in Hollywood to stay rail-thin?

Katherine Heigl: When I see some of the people glorified in magazines these daysâ€"who are so thin it's bordering on sickness â€" I just feel exhausted. I would hate to think that young girls in high schools across America think that's what they're supposed to look like.

THG NOTE: Oh. Snap. You heard Katherine, Kate Bosworth. You too, Nicole Richie. You're officially on notice, bitches!

Glamour: Who do you think has a healthy-looking body?

Katherine Heigl: Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry are in amazing shape. They look phenomenal but don't look sick. Then there's Kate Winslet: So confident, beautiful, talented, sexy. She owns it. I read an interview she gave about how the industry wanted her to lose weight; she basically gave them the finger and said no.

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