Victoria Beckham Somehow Named Woman of the Year

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For reasons unknown to our celebrity gossip staff, Victoria Beckham took home Woman of the Year crown at the Glamour Magazine awards last night.

The fact that there are Glamour Magazine awards, and that we are writing about them for a living, is almost funnier than Victoria Beckham winning one. Almost.

In taking home the hardware, she was dressed like a total harlot - a posh-tit-ute, if you will (and we will) - in what appears to be a tuxedo-auto racing chic outfit. So damn hot!

Alhough for former Spice Girl and future reality TV star was touted by the editor as "a role model" and "indicative of the modern woman," as far as our staff can see it, Victoria Beckham's only notable recent accomplishments appear to be:

  • Constantly looking hungry
  • Pouting like a stuck-up beeyotch
  • Shopping with Katie Holmes
  • Walking around like a robot
  • Possessing enormous boobs
  • Seeing David Beckham nude
  • Hating The Hollywood Gossip

Role model indeed ... for bitches, cyborgs and hoes, maybe! What. What!?

Other "glamorous" women honored at the event included Sienna Miller - who said she had too much wine to make a speech - and the "musical" group Girls Aloud (think Pussycat Dolls with British accents).

We're guessing Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, wasn't available.

The ceremony was somewhat redeemed by also giving awards to Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Helen Mirren - though none of them showed up to receive their awards. Maybe that explains Posh winning... someone's gotta accept, right?

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I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles.

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I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.

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