Neck Dog Photo Finish: T.R. Knight vs. Ryan Gosling

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Yesterday, we featured T.R. Knight in a photo finish against the lovely Rachel McAdams, as they both have been sporting pink locks of late.

Today, in yet another edition of our photo finish feature, Knight goes up against Rachel McAdams‘ significant other, the hunky Ryan Gosling.

R. Gosling Picture

Why so many pictures of the Greys Anatomy star? Because he's been in the news a lot lately, with the whole controversy and his being on a hit show and all.

And because we came across this photo comparison on a fellow celebrity gossip site, We thank them for their fine work!

So you tell us, who wears a dog around their neck better?

It's a tough call. This hot Ryan Gosling photo is a few years old, whereas Knight only recently posed for the cover of The Advocate.

The now-openly-gay star emerged from Isaiah Washington's gay-bashing a bigger person. With a cute black lab pup, which was a gift from co-star Katherine Heigl! T.R. gets our vote.

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