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Ray J has pulled himself out of Whitney Houston long enough to land a deal with America’s leading condom company.

Considering the big impact he made (if you know what we mean!) in the sex tape with Kim Kardashian a few months ago, it was almost a no-brainer for the people at Trojan to sign up the hopeful singer.

The young entrepreneur insists he has no problem with the promotion. After all, come on, this is just business. Yo.

“At this moment you can either sit back and watch everything just go, or you can capitalize and come up with a way to make $20 million a year,” said Ray J, channeling his profound, inner Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the well-endowed one is also sponsoring a new drink that he says “kind of stimulates you, like liquid Ecstasy, but over-the-counter.”

Well, sure. With Ray J’s ambition and products in mind, The Hollywood Gossip came up with a list of other celebrity endorsements we’d like to see:

Can you think of any we missed?