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Some celebrities like it doggy style.

Others just look a lot like their dogs.

But eating hot dogs? That’s a rarity, especially given the eating habits of stars such as Nicole Richie… who basically have no eating habits. Since they don’t eat. Ever.

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
(Getty Images)

We used to think the same about Kate Bosworth, that’s for sure. But since she got together with that nice fella James Rousseau, she’s gotten noticeably better about her weight.

Heck, those recent bikini photos of Kate were downright sexy.

In the picture at right, Kate and James Rousseau hit up a hot dog stand in the Big Apple and ordered two with everything, prompting surprised looks from the street vendor.

Just kidding.

Let this be a lesson to you uber-skinny celebrities. Working out and trying to stay in shape is all well and good, but gobbling down the occasional processed meat byproduct never hurt anybody.