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It turns out a security camera pointed at the California 134 Freeway in Burbank recorded the Nicole Richie arrest on DUI charges early Monday morning.

ABC Television has offices near the exit ramp which Richie used to enter the freeway… going the wrong way. Security guards noticed the commotion on their monitors and trained their security camera in that direction.

The pictures below show Nicole Richie talking to members of the California Highway Patrol. She admitted that she had popped Vicodin and smoked pot before being hauled off to jail, where she was booked and this mug shot was produced.

Nicole Richie Book Cover

“This marks a difficult time for Nicole but she is prepared to accept whatever responsibility is appropriate,” says Richie’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, in a statement to TMZ. “She intends to continue with her career and will deal with any other issues that need to be addressed.”

THG NOTE: Other issues = not eating since 2003? We can only wait and see. Stay tuned to T.H. Gossip for the latest in the Nicole Richie DUI drama.