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Move over, Kate Walsh. We know your fiance is rubbing your belly, but we’ve got much smaller, more anemic fish to fry in the celebrity pregnancy rumor department.

Here Nicole Richie is, glowing and possibly growing, and hiding her face behind some sort of doggy bag, during a recent trip for some sushi.

It appears that unless she’s suddenly developed a hankering for cheap domestic beer, someone got Nicole Richie pregnant. Check out that beer gut and/or baby bump!

The countdown continues to the shocking, tearful announcement that Miss Nicole Richie is pregnant, possibly engaged to Joel Madden, OMG like real sorry for that DUI, and does not wish to replace Paris Hilton in the slammer.

We don’t know what’s more frightening… that a fossil like Hugh Hefner can bed Playboy models like Holly Madison (and that his boys can still swim), or that someone in his right mind would actually give Nicole Richie the hot beef injection.

Let’s just hope he was giving it to her wheelbarrow style. Rumor has it that it’s easier to knock someone up that way. Gravity is on your side!