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Here’s a eerie piece of celebrity news:

Nikki Giavasis, a former NFL cheerleader and model, has ties with a pair of alleged murderers: Bobby Cutts, Jr. and Chris Benoit.

As TMZ reports, Giavasis has been everywhere, from Today to MSNBC , talking about her former lover, Cutts, and describing him as “aggressive” and “threatening.” She’s been testifying to his potential to be a killer.

Cutts is the father of Nikki’s nine-year-old daughter, and has two other kids, none with Shar Jackson.

In 1998, Giavasis was at home with former NBA star Shawn Kemp, when Cutts allegedly tried to break in.

This is where it gets eerie: Giavasis was also featured in Wrestlemania XX, the WWE showcase pay-per-view event whose main event won by none other than Benoit. Nikki was part of the WWE “Hot Team.”

Other credits with the name Nikki Giavasis in them include a starring role in the instructional video, “Becoming a Pro Cheer Leader” [sic] and appearances on reality series The Casino.