Blake Fielder-Civil Blows Nose On the Street, Amy Winehouse Laments Lack of Pre-Nup

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Newlyweds Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are the picture of marital bliss... and giant-squid hair, weird hats, cigarettes and snot rockets.

You know, standard operating procedure ...

Blake Fielder-Civil: Class Act

The lovebirds were spotted outside the Vintage Coffee Shop in Beachwood Canyon, and Amy Winehouse looked on as her classy new husband blew his nose the old-fashioned way - in the street like a peasant.

If the look Amy is giving Blake Fielder-Civil is any indication, she's probably starting to regret the whole surprise wedding... or at least not making him sign a prenup.

She's probably thinking to herself, "This guy blows!" Sorry, that was lame.

Meanwhile, fellow British singing sensation Lily Allen is probably wishing she had a deadbeat husband like this. While hitting the booze hard, of course.

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Amy Winehouse Biography

Amy Winehouse Smokes
Amy Winehouse is talented British singer and train wreck. This R&B / soul crooner, who's perhaps best known for her songs "Rehab" and... More »
Southgate, London, England
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Amy Jade Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Quotes

Gorgeous as f-ck. You seen him before?

Amy Winehouse [on how Blake Fielder-Civil is doing in jail]

I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad.

Amy Winehouse