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… or Britney Spears nude?

Well, it’s Keeley Hazell nude, obviously.

But she’s doing her best Britney impression below, posing topless for British magazine Zoo in the same outfit Spears donned for her very first video, “Baby One More Time.”

Needless to say, Keeley Hazell has got the pigtails down, as well as the Catholic school girl outfit and the giant boobs. It’s an impressive rendition. 

During a recent photo shoot, Keeley Hazell did her best Britney Spears nude impression. Baby, hit us one more time! The English lingerie model looks beautiful.

Hazell, of course, is best known for often getting naked. And making sex tapes. But while our favorite part-time pop singer and full-time bad mother is starting to mostly be known for the former, no Britney Spears sex tape has surfaced yet, despite numerous rumors and prayers by The Hollywood Gossip staff.

In the end, at least Keeley is being creative in her nudity. Fellow British babes, such as Michelle Marsh and Lucy Pinder, simply wave their large breasts in our face. It gets old.

If you’re gonna get naked to make celebrity news, might as well emulate Britney Spears, right? That’s what we figure.